Quick n’easy

For this upcoming week, I’ve decided to change course with a different topic other than the local news. I’ve dedicated a small portion of my blog to food meaning that each month I will share a recipe that I believe should be used in your everyday cooking. I want you all to know right now that I am not a professional cook nor an experienced cook.  However. since  this is my first time living off-campus during my college career, I am basically forced to cook my own meals unless I want to become broke. This past summer I studied abroad and actually took a Pairing Food and Wine class which required me to cook certain Italian dishes that are sacred to the country. This is basically the most experience that I have had cooking in the kitchen throughout my whole life so far. For this months food blog I want to talk about a recipe made for very busy people or in my case for very busy, college students. It starts out with a very easy and quick lentil soup with chicken. The second portion of the dish is a rice bowl made with eggs and bacon. You can check out the full recipe of this quick n’ easy dish on the website listed below. This dish is healthy, quick and easy to make. All of the cooking aspects needed for a busy college student.

website: http://www.skinnytaste.com/lentil-and-rice-bowls-with-eggs-and-bacon/

“Lentils and Rice Bowls with Eggs and Bacon.” Skinnytaste RSS2. N.p., 09 Sept. 2016. Web. 22 Sept. 2016.



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