Jenna Marbles…a Storyteller?

Back in the day, storytelling was either told by physically reading stories from books or being told from the various perspectives of family members. As time has progressed, storytelling has as well. Storytelling has taken a more digital and interactive outlook throughout the past decade or so. The website, YouTube, has a major platform for digital storytellers to tell their stories and for them to express themselves through a screen. At first there were bloggers and now with all of the advanced technology that our world acquires, we now have vloggers or video bloggers. One of my favorite vloggers on YouTube is Jenna Marbles. She has been making videos ever since 2010 and has never stopped since. Her vlog channel includes many different types of videos that are just like any other opinionated videos, however they each include their own unique twist. Her audience includes over 16 million people who have either just became a fan or have been dedicated fans since her first video was posted. Jenna creates a new form of storytelling by always posting new videos every Wednesday with a new topic each time. Jenna Mourey and other YouTubers like her have created a new form of storytelling that will continue to advance in the future.

JennaMarbles – YouTube. (n.d.). Retrieved October 20, 2016, from

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