Turkey galore!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, I thought it would be necessary to share a delicious turkey recipe to get you all in the Thanksgiving mood! This very convenient recipe does not require as much attention to the turkey than a normal preparation for a turkey would need. Prepare your juicy turkey breast in a slow cooker, also known as a Crock-Pot which is a countertop electrical cooling appliance used for simmering, so that it will maintain the juiciness and the freshness of the turkey breast. After your turkey is completed, you can than garnish your dish with some rich gravy, mashed potatoes and some delicious cranberry sauce. Hope everyone takes into consideration this very convenient recipe and I also want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and to all of your families!! Happy Eating!!!

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Why not women?

The New York Times states that “over 70 nations have been led by women”. Hillary Clinton got the closest that an American women has ever gotten to achieving the most top job in the country. I am just confused as to why our country is so behind with getting women to such a high position. Most of society thinks that women have only become recognized as a political leader because of their husbands or fathers. Now that may be true in some cases, however that should not be what we, as a country, only continue to accept in the future. I think that women should be able to rise to power without the help of a man at their side. We are just as strong as men and we can accomplish anything if we put our mind to it.

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Did Amelia Earhart really die from a plane crash?

Here is some breaking news that is pretty unbelievable to hear. Apparently, researchers have recently discovered that Amelia Earhart did not die in a plane crash but as a castaway on a deserted island. In September of this year, The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery said that they found over 100 radio transmissions during the days after her plane went missing. After discovering these radio transmissions, it proves that Earhart landed her plane safely, and was then able to use the radio to call for help. This is very groundbreaking for Americans and hopefully more information can be discovered!

Anyone up for Mexican??

Hey everyone!! It’s that time of the month when I blog about a special dish that I think is easy and delicious to make in the comfort of your home. Today’s special recipe is tortilla encrusted chicken tenders!! Who ever thought tortillas and chicken tenders should be matched up with one another is a genius!!! The recipe is quite basic with just including baked chicken tenders coated with seasoned crushed tortilla chips and cooked until they are golden. Then they are served with a nice side of salsa to compliment the dish. This dish is perfect for a weeknight chicken meal for the kids or even for adults as well. Because I know that I would definitely not mind having this for dinner during my busy week.

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Jenna Marbles…a Storyteller?

Back in the day, storytelling was either told by physically reading stories from books or being told from the various perspectives of family members. As time has progressed, storytelling has as well. Storytelling has taken a more digital and interactive outlook throughout the past decade or so. The website, YouTube, has a major platform for digital storytellers to tell their stories and for them to express themselves through a screen. At first there were bloggers and now with all of the advanced technology that our world acquires, we now have vloggers or video bloggers. One of my favorite vloggers on YouTube is Jenna Marbles. She has been making videos ever since 2010 and has never stopped since. Her vlog channel includes many different types of videos that are just like any other opinionated videos, however they each include their own unique twist. Her audience includes over 16 million people who have either just became a fan or have been dedicated fans since her first video was posted. Jenna creates a new form of storytelling by always posting new videos every Wednesday with a new topic each time. Jenna Mourey and other YouTubers like her have created a new form of storytelling that will continue to advance in the future.

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Traveling into space: Extraordinary or dangerous?

One of America’s biggest achievements was sending a man to the moon in the 1960s. After that, flying into space became a normal thing for us Americans. Traveling to Mars has been a new innovation for our country. Although this event seems like an incredible experience for our astronauts, studies have recently shown that it can be a very dangerous ordeal. The harmful radiation in space would be the cause of this so-called dangerous talk about traveling to Mars. In order to prove this, researchers exposed rodents to charged particles, which are parallel to particles on Mars. The results of this experiment concluded that the rodents had brain damage, neural inflammation and impaired memory. There is also a worry of potentially long-term central nervous system complications including memory deficits, anxiety, depression and impaired decision-making. After reading all of this information, the question comes down to is the incredible experience of a lifetime worth risking your life?

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Logos, Logos, Logos

The first logo that I chose for inspiration was the Coca-Cola logo. It inspired me to create cursive letters for the words that I chose to put onto my logo. The second logo that I chose to be an inspiration of mine is the Playstation logo. The multitude of colors in the logo is what I wanted to have for my logo, so it came off as more interesting and unique. The third logo that I researched to be my inspiration for this project was the Starbucks logo because of its complexity within the logo.